#spanish falcon revenge killing searching for title


I watched this movie a couple years ago but I can't remember its title

The movie is in Spanish and it starts with a symbolic and very iconic scene of a falcon trainer bringing a blind-folded falcon to his rich owner, when he unties the blindfold a flying bird's sh*ts fall on his eyes. The owner feeling insulted wants the falcon to fly right away and kill that bird. The trainer patiently and confidently cleans the falcon’s eyes first saying that his eyesight is his perfect weapon, then releases him and surely enough it catches the bird.
The movie ends with a disturbing graphic scene of the heroin seducing some corrupt powerful man ,sh*ts on his chest then kills him in revenge.

Hope you can help cause it's driving me insane

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Does this have a contemporary setting, that does it take place in modern times? Or is it set like in the middle ages when falconry was more common.

a contemporary setting

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Sorry for resurrecting this old thread, but this film most likely is "Caótica Ana".

Yes Thanks