Happy Together


This new sitcom stars Daman Wayans Jr as an accountant to the stars who finds his quiet life at home with his wife (Amber Stevens West) turned upside down when one of his superstar clients (Felix Mallard) decides to move in with them. This show has the potential to be something very special especially with Damon Wayans Jr in the starring role...this guy is really funny and made this pilot worth watching. I loved the scene where he and West demonstrated one of their answering machine messages. Funny show that probably nobody will watch.

Just finished episode 2 which was just as funny as the first one. Damon Wayans Jr. cracks me up and I'm also loving Victor Williams and Stephanie Weir as his in-laws. I will continue to watch.

Just finished ep 6...Daman Wayan Jr,'s skill at physical comedy rivals people like Jerry Lewis and Jim Carrey. This guy makes this show worth watching all by himself.