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Odd semi-pornographic prisoner of war film


Hello folks,

I've been given the task of trying to find out the name of a film, but I only have certain bits of information.

From what I've been told, two soldiers (of undisclosed nationality) are captured by korean/japanese/vietnamese soldiers, put in a hut and tortured. As they try to escape, one of them is shot in the back and the other makes it his mission to find his shot comrades wife and tell her the news. He does this on demob and finds the woman in question and moves in with her. She apparently has a sideline in what sounds like prostitution ("givin 'em blowjobs and jerking 'em off" is what i was told). Eventually, towards the end of the film, she decides that it's time to have some horizontal fun with this soldier, who gets the shock of his life when he removes her underwear and find a well endowed member.

I know nothing else other than its a one word film title. No idea of actors, country of production etc, only that it was "from the 60's 70's or 80's".

Any ideas folks?


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I am guessing The Crying Game as well.

In that movie, a British soldier is captured by the Irish Republican Army. They say that they will kill the soldier unless their demands are met. The soldier and one of the IRA guys become friends. The soldier tells the IRA guy to find his girlfriend if he does get killed. The IRA's demands are of course not met, and so the IRA guy who became the soldier's friend is ordered to kill him. The soldier runs off, and his new friend can't bring himself to shoot him. But then the soldier is run over by a military vehicle. So the IRA guy who had become his friend keeps his promise and goes and finds the soldier's girlfriend. One thing leads to another, and he eventually makes the biological discovery that the original poster describes.