"Original" Star Wars Trilogy...September 2004?


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That's right , you heard it....September of next year, is your chance to own the trilogy on DVD.

According to aint-it-cool-news.com, a marketing timeline for Star Wars has been made...and more. Check it out.
Cool, I'm gonna buy it....

When are they gonna release all six in one giant box set? 2006?

2006 will be the release of Episodes I, II, and III on DVD box set. Then probably around 2008 or maybe sooner (depending on lucas' greed) The 6 DVD Box Set will come out so we can buy the DVD's again and have 3 copies of each one. Just to say we got the cool collectors box and free pamphlet.

Awesome news, but the title of the thread got me thinking theatrical re-release, and I about fell off my chair.
Make it happen!

Originally Posted by projectMayhem
Awesome news, but the title of the thread got me thinking theatrical re-release, and I about fell off my chair.
Why would they release them again? Wasn't that just like 5-6 years ago?

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That is great news...but, I have read in many publications that Lucas will not be releasing the movies in their original format. I really find this to be rediculous. This means that we will never be able to see the original films without the special edition additions on DVD.

Considering the fact that Spielberg released both versions of ET on the recent release of the DVD you would think he would do the same. I don't hate all of the changes he made but sometimes I just like to see the original release complete with Han shooting first!
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All those extra CGI scenes they added were complete useless crap. They ruined the films, they were perfect the way they were before.

That great news but does anyone have an idea if there will be any special features?

I have a horrible feeling through that it is coming out in 2005 next year Star Wars insider gave that the date that it is coming out!But if this is true then I am in heaven!
I can't wait until 2005 to see the third star wars but it looks like I might have too. Btw I don't like that green in the background it looks like barf or something sorry I had to add that!
Anyway if it is true then yes I am excited and can't wait!If not may the force be with you it is coming fans!See you aro und!JM
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Star Wars Trilogy on DVD September 21st
After ages of poking and prodding from the geek community, Lucasfilm Ltd. is finally releasing the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD in a glorious four-disc set this coming September ...MORE

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So, I have heard many rumors about exactly what versions of the film we will be getting and what has been done to them. Is there any hard info about these issues:

Re-dubs: Apparently after the Jango Fett revelation of Ep II, Lucas wants to re-dub any stormtrooper voices with Jango Fetts.

Anakin: Some of the biggest rumors here. Will they composite the ghostly visions of Anakin with Hayden, as well as the final scene in Jedi with the mask removal?

Hoth: Lots of rumors about an expanded hoth sequence with new footage inserted. This is supposed to contain the actual landing and deployment of the imperial forces.

White boxes around ships: This I hope is true. Hopefully they got rid of all these, as I think they would become more pronouced after transfer.

Alderan: Supposedly new scenes would have been shot with the people on Aldaran reacting to the Death Star attack.

I for one only hope to see the white box change, as I am not a fan of changing these films. Quality improvements I am all for, but content changes I am not. Anyone else hear about this stuff?
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I just DESPISE that they aren't putting out the "original" films. These will be the so-called Special Editions that ruined the the true authenticity of of Lucas' classic work. It just pisses me off to no end.

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Yay! this is the best news i've had all day
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