Movie about a fearless boy/future/death



I am looking for a certain movie that I saw when I was younger, around the years 2000's.

I don't know any titles or actors, only a specific scene.

The scene goes like this:

A group of boys decided to sneak into a witch's home. The rumor is that the witch knows how you will die. The witch catches them in her home and they ask to see their deaths. She shows them by having them look in her eyes. One boy looks into her eyes and sees himself having difficulties on the toilet. He then dies. Another boy (the protagonist) looks into her eyes yet his death is not shown to the viewer.

Then he is grown up, falls in love, courts a girl with her favorite type of flowers (yellow or white i forget) and he is in a bad situation where it seems he might get seriously injured but time stops and he says something like, "wait, this isn't how I die," and time begins again and he gets out of the sticky situation.

This is all i can remember, if anyone knows the movie I would appreciate it so. very. much.

YES IT'S THIS Thank you guys so much!