This film is from the late 90s/early 00s
It's in colour and is either an Italian/British co-production or an Italian/US co-production and think it was set just after ww2

There's a film I watched on TV what feels like 10-12 years ago, but it was probably made a few years earlier than that. I was almost certain the title was "Miracle at Santa Anna", but the only film with a similar title was "Miracle at St. Anna" and it doesn't seem to match what I remember about it. Both were set in Italy during or just after the War, but the one I saw has a scene where films were projected on bedsheets hanging from a line, there was a local beauty, and there was a priest (who was originally from the area but went away as a young man and returned there as a priest) whose church had been bombed, I remember that the roof had caved in. When the middle-aged priest was about to die (I think it was because of the collapsed ceiling), he admitted to his best friend that his greatest regret was not to have told the truth to his congregation, namely that he had never actually been ordained, that he had dropped out of the seminary, that all his christenings, marriages, etc. were not valid at all, so his friend convinced him that saying something now would harm his congregation more, then the priest died.