Question about the plot to Candyman (1992) SPOILERS


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I didn't understand parts of the plot, and was wondering if anyone could help.

Basically I don't understand what the Candyman's motivation was in wanting Helen to join him. Why? And since he does want her to join him, why frame her for murders? Is it cause doing so would cause her to feel more compelled to join him so she wouldn't be captured by police?

Also, I don't understand why the police kept thinking Helen was responsible for the murders. The Candyman killed his victims with a hook, where as Helen was found with a cleaver one time, and a French knife, the next time. So if the police find you unconscious holding a weapon, they automatically think you are the killer, when the victim was killed with a different weapon?

Another thing is, how is it that the Candyman cannot be killed by knives or things like that, but he can be burned to death by fire?

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Can't quite remember but doesn't Helen become The Candyman?. Or Candywoman.!
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Yes she does in the end, but why did the Candyman want her to in the first place?

Helen reminded Candyman of the woman he loved prior to being killed in his mortal life. It's why he's drawn to her and why he worked so hard to get her to voluntarily be his victim, a necessary step to joining him in his realm.

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Okay thanks, but why did the Candyman think that framing Helen for murder, was the best motivation for her to become his next victim voluntarily? Plus she didn't do it voluntarily in the end. She just happened to be do so by accident, but it's still an accident and not intended by her, isn't it?