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Hi guys and gals (just joined)

Ok I have a question, I watched a film about 5 years ago and I cant remember the name of it. I have been trying to find name for days now to no avail and tbh my brain is numb from thought. so I hope some of you nice people might have seen it.

Here is my description: Teen Comedy - late 1980's possibly early 1990's

Plot is A teenage boy spends his whole summer break in the girl across the streets garden to prove his love for her. He dont really move from the garden at all. Anyway it ends with him deciding it was not worth it at the end. But the girl ends up asking him out anyway.

I know its not much to go on but if you have seen it you will know from description. Just after its name.

Please Help Me!!!!



That's Eight Days a Week (1997), starring "Felicity"'s Keri Russell as the object of the boy's obsession.
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Omg I so knew that, I couldn't stand it either. But that Keri Russel is nice on the eyes.
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I saw that movie. That's the one that had the boy who hurt himself with a sex toy and the crazy old woman who danced around her lawn with sprinklers, and then she explained her reasons for doing all of those nutty things ("I talk on the phone on my roof so my daughter across the street can hear me okay from her house.").

I remember that movie… not that great but it did have a few moments in it…
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Thanks very much

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