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Kill Bill - Vol. 1

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The 4th Film by Quentin Tarantino

"Vividly beautiful."
"It will bomb your senses away."
"Is like watching a movie in 3-D without the glasses."
"Adrenaline will pump out of you... like magma bursting out of a human volcano."
"Prepare to be killed. Quentin Tarantino murders all others."
"Uma Thurman is a sensational work of violent, beautiful art."
"Lucy Liu is a diabolical demon from hell."

Blood splatters everywhere... limbs and heads get chopped off... people die in brutal, fast, painful ways... slaughter cinema ... Quentin Tarantino went all out... go and see


who wants



Volume One.


Who hated it? Who loved it? Who's disappointed? Who's happy? Who's sick? Who's sick in the head?


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I have a new favorite movie. It's called Kill Bill.
I had so many expectations.
They were all met.
I could tell just from the opening Shaw Brothers style opening and the 70's "Our Feature Presentation"
and then Uma's five fingers of death stare in the first scene. I've just been lying on the bed thinking about it and in despair over my inability to be watching it at this moment.
Plus Chiaki Kuriyama for Go-Go really did it for me.
For anyone who read the script I really wish they included Yuki's Revenge. It would have been the best chapter of the two movies.
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It was beauty killed the beast.
Kong was dissappointed. It had lots of entertaining moments, but as a whole it has a lot of shortcomings. Kong was expecting more.
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not what i expected. not in terms of good/bad...because it was definitely as good as i expected. ...but different. i kind of expected the homage to the old kung-fu movies to be subtle, but it was definitly least to me. you'll of course have to make your own decisions, i don't want to give too much away. go see it. now.
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I though the movie was awesome. I have a weak stomach and there was one part where i had to walk out of the movie theater because i got the feeling that i was going to puke. That came from the part in the hospital with the "male nurse" . I think that Q. T. movies are awesome and the way he presents them is very unique in itself.
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Originally Posted by Kong
Kong was dissappointed. It had lots of entertaining moments, but as a whole it has a lot of shortcomings. Kong was expecting more.
Elaborate, my hairy friend. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but the experience was certainly bizarre (and unique) enough that I can easily accept (and most certainly expect) differing viewpoints.

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Kill Bill volume 2 is going to ****ing dominate the box office in Febuary.

Volume 1 is nothing short of ****ing incredible. I'm really tired right now so I can't really go into depth in any sort of coherent way, but I've been missing the movie ever since it ended.

There hasn't been a movie that has given me that feeling for a long, longgg time. I felt saddened that I was no longer watching it. I really don't care about Pulp Fiction or Resevoir Dogs (the two most overly hyped Q.T. flicks), but Kill Bill was so amazing. I'm in withdrawl already. I've been waiting so patiently and eagerly for this to come out, and it was flawless. Not a single thing about it that wasn't a gift to the audience.

Thank you Miramax for letting this movie be made the way it was. And thank you times 2 to the MPAA.
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It was beauty killed the beast.
Originally Posted by Yoda
Elaborate, my hairy friend. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but the experience was certainly bizarre (and unique) enough that I can easily accept (and most certainly expect) differing viewpoints.
Well, Kong was really expecting to enjoy it not because he is a big kung-fu action fan, but because he enjoyed Tarantino's other works so much. Kong realized that this was going to be his homage to the Asian action genre, but he still expected there to be more to the film than just action.

You see, Kong can be entertained by straight action up to a point, but eventually something else has to show up to engage Kong. Kill Bill has great fight choreography, and fine camera work but this isn't enough for Kong to be entertained by the action for it's full run. The unexpected, punctuated bits of violence that peppered his previous films are much more entertaining to Kong than the constant and routine violence predominant in Kill Bill.

Nevertheless, what is onscreen in Kill Bill is all quite good; it's what wasn't in the movie that made Kong feel so disappointed. Tarantino's heavily stylized dialogue and quirky conversations are at a bare minimum. Character motivations are never really explored (except for The Bride). Any revenge flick has to have a bad guy(s) that you can hate, but without knowing anything about them, other than the fact that they are supposed to be the bad guy, you can't really despise them.

Kong could go on and on, but what he is trying to say is this: Kill Bill has great action and it's technically brilliant, but everything else is merely mediocre.

Ebert's **** review.
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A novel adaptation.
I need to see it again.
I've known for a long time that this film would essentially be an effort in style over substance, and it was certainly stylish, but I feel a pang of dissapointment welling up from somewhere within me.

And QT cavorting around like the arrogant jackass-pop-culture-junkie he surely is kind of frustrates me. What with the constant press he's receiving right now.
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Originally Posted by LordSlaytan
Thanks for posting this.
Make it happen!

I want to see this again sooo badly. I think that depending on who you see it with you can have comlpetely different experiences. I went with a group of my friends and we all were laughing our heads off, but I felt that at some things we weren't supposed to but the violence was so in your face we just couldn't help it. So I'm gonna go see this again aloneand see what develops.

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Kill Bill is the most violent, intense movie I have ever seen. I was expecting alot of things for this movie and I got more than I expected. I loved the anime and black and white scenes, Quentin just does a incredible job in this movie. What more is there to say about this movie except its probably the best movie action movie I've seen in the past 3 years. The action scenes, the acting, the style of the movie, the Choreography are all done incredible. Quentin Tarantino is indeed one of the best directors in this world and he does another classic here. Cant wait till Volume 2.

Kill Bill - 4 Stars

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The MPAA made Tarantino put the black and white in the "House of Blue Leaves" scene to get a R rating. But I thought the Black and White had a good affect to the movie.

I thought the black and white was very cool, but I though the blue silhouette part was awesome. When it hit that part my friend just looked over at me and was like "this movie is awesome!"

It's definitely not best-movie-of-the-year material, but it was so damn well made, I couldn't help but enjoy it. Overall, it was quite an exciting endeavor for me, as I usually am not a big action type of person. Definitely better than Pulp Fiction, but I'm not a huge fan of it so I guess it's not surprising. Reservoir Dogs is probably better. In all fairness, I don't like Tarantino's stuff that much, but this movie was a blast to watch.
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Originally Posted by LordSlaytan
Yeah, it's a good review. However, Ebert's plot slip-ups and little factual errors annoy the hell out of me. He's been doing that frequently in the last few years. If you're going to mention little (and big) details, for God's sake, man, get them down accurately.

My thoughts about Kill Bill, Vol. 1 shall be posted later. Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed in Quentin at all. Even after all this time, he didn't let us down.
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I know im being lazy. And i know that one of you are sure to have mentioned the answer to my question somewheree but lazy.

When's Volume 2 out?

I havnt even seen volume one yet *Wobbles with excitement*
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