Man Bites Dog

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I loved Man Bites Dog, its a french movie made by students, its about a camera crew following a serial killer as he commits his violent crimes. On paper he is a monster but somehow the audience likes his character, as if he was normal. It a a black and white french movie directed in 1992. Critics felt they had to relate it to Reservoir Dogs because of the violent disturbing scenes shown in Man Bites Dog and because they both debut in 1992. The movie is not for modern film lovers but if you like classic cinema, i'd recommend this to you.
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Man Bites Dog (C'est arrivé près de chez vous) is a Belgian
movie, not French.

I saw the uncut version (I think) in Seattle, it was over the top.

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Most people for some reason do mistake this for a French film

Its a good little film if a bit sickly with the killing of the kids

although I love the part where one of the camera crew is killed.
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The movie is not for modern film lovers but if you like classic cinema, i'd recommend this to you.
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I'm so glad someone brought up this film, it's been a long-standing favourite of mine, got it on DVD, it's amazing and Belgian!
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