This might just do nobody any good.

Steve McQueen’s follow-up to 12 Years a Slave is a socio-political crime thriller about a group of women who decide to pick up the pieces of a botched robbery that left their husbands dead.

Really, all you need to know is who’s in the ensamble for this:

Viola Davis, Carrie Coon, Elizabeth Debicki, Michelle Rodriguez, Cynthia Erivo, Jacki Weaver, Daniel Kaluuya, Brian Tyree Henry, Jon Bernthal, Manuel Garcia Rulfo, Garret Dillahunt, with Colin Farrell, Robert Duvall and Liam Neeson.

Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn penned the script.

This might just do nobody any good.
When I First about it I was surprised that McQueen had chosen something so genre-y but seeing the angle he’s taken for it, it now makes sense.

I’m also excited to see Carrie Coon in something like this (at least it’ll be better than her 2 lines in Infinity War). Ditto Brian Tyree Henry.

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Hopefully this is better than 12 Years a Slave and McQueen gets back to his Shame days.
In the strictest sense lesbians can't have sex at all period.

I saw the movie again and it's good. I see there is already a thread about it .

One thing that made me think about the movie though. There is all this talk about female empowerment movies coming out now, about how the want stronger women in roles. This movies has a female main cast, and it really fell under the radar. There is a large demand for strong female cast movies, but then this one comes out and no one blinks an eye at it, for having that. Why was that?

I don’t think it fell under the radar. It was fairly big when it came out. But I agree that such films rarely make noise. I think ‘Widows’ was better received (and just better) than other monstrosities like ‘The Kitchen’, ‘Ocean’s 8’, etc, etc. However, ‘Ocean’s 8’ grossed 3 times what ‘Widows’ did. There may be other reasons for that, i.e. Steve McQueen not being an established action director, and ‘Ocean’s 8’ riding high off the prequels and selling itself by association. Ross is a fairly well-known sci-fi director, whereas McQueen was making ‘serious’ drama before then.