Seven months ago, I bought my first digital piano.


And when I'm all alone I feel I don't wanna hide
And I began teaching myself how to play. Hi MoFo; long time no talk... I have now created my first "album" (10 composed songs), which is what I have always wanted to do. Obviously, it's far from good, but I am somewhat happy with the effort. To me, this album was about expressing the inchoateness, emptiness and absence that depression and profound melancholy can engender on people. I wanted to chronicle the depression expression as best as I could, starting from the earliest stages of chaos and confusion to the later stages of alienation and fatalism.

I recorded the piano music on my phone’s microphone and then uploaded and edited it on iMovie. It was a very unsophisticated process. Here it be:

The time stamps:

01. Broken Behind Eyes - 0:00
02. Between Thoughts - 2:37
03. A Dying Perspective - 6:35
04. The Last Sleep at the Hospital - 10:14
05. Yes, I Will Be Sad - 13:43
06. The End of the Endless Chapter - 19:17
07. Nothing Has Changed - 22:15
08. The Same Old Fears - 24:34
09. Empirical Walls - 29:05
10. The Last March Into The Abyss - 33:01

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