Cradle 2 The Grave


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Cradle 2 The Grave is a cliche laden "action movie" that stars Jet Li and DMX. Getting through this by-the-numbers flick is an exercise in spotting all the cliches used in previous non-stop, blow-em-up celluloid travesties: an asian martial arts (Li) expert teams up with a black lead (DMX) whose daughter is kidnapped by foriegn villians who hold her hostage until they retrieve some black diamonds her father has stolen from a safe deposit box. All of this is just a means to exploit LA streets with car chases, breaking windows and hand-to-hand combats. This film never surpasses any action that hasn't been done before. Better films are the originals that this Joel Silver over-produced strobe rips off.

But, Cradle 2 The Grave is original in some ways. The one thing I noticed while watching this film is the simultaneous action sequences, the likes I've never seen before. For example Jet Li has been elected to fight in an underground, fisticuffs match (think Fight Club), his opponent is very big and angry and approaches Li with a snarl--cut to downtown LA where DMX has just stolen an ATV and is being chased through the streets, causing cars to crash and storefronts to explode as he runs the vehicle through their plate glass windows--cut back to Li, who is in mid martial arts battle, and is flying through the air administering kicks and punches to his opponent with grace and style--cut to the kidnapped daughter, who has found a way to escape--cut back to the chase in LA where the action is now atop LA buildings as DMX jumps the ATV over the rooftops-- cut back to LI---anyway you get the picture. And this is just the beginning. During the final scene I counted six simultaneous action sequences going on at once. I have never seen this many intertwined action sequences in one movie before. I'd say check this one out if your interested in seeing a new concept in action filmmaking, otherwise, you'll be dissapointed. perhaps upset, when you realize you're watching nothing more than a re-hash of better work.
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This movie sucked. The only good part was with Tom Arnold and Anthony Anderson at the end making fun of themselves in Exit Wounds.
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