Share the messages/lessons of the last movie you watched


I like watching movies , I love learning from them
The last movie I watched was Ready Player One. Here is what I learned :
1.However beautiful a game may be, or however difficult reality may be, in the end of the day, we ought to enjoy real life and be ourselves in the real world

2.If you really love what you're doing, you're willing to spend hours studying and learning it, you are ready to try everything to make it work, you are so curious about it that nothing can stop you from discovering it, then you will win.

3. And money can't buy a burning desire and love for what you're doing !

Last films seen:

Three Colours: White
- Like the saying goes: Revenge is a dish best served cold - it's very true (if you're ever in a vengeful frame of mind).
- Getting on a flight by hiding in a piece of luggage is not a good idea.
- Buying up agricultural land that is soon to be developed is a sure way of becoming mega-rich quick.

Battle Royale
- Don't trust anyone (except friendly-nerdy computer-skilled guys, who in turn shouldn't trust anyone).
- Be wary if the unemployment rate in your country starts to rise dramatically and you're still studying.
- Look carefully at your plate of food before just swallowing the contents.

We've gone on holiday by mistake
Walking Dead S4 Ep 1 and 2.

-People should lock themselves up at night because they get sick and die and wander around eating people.
-Rick should defo carry a gun when outside the fence.

I need to find a nymph for a wife. Nymphomaniac I
My Favorite Films

Student Services: Dont whore yourself through college no matter how bad you need the money. You'll regret it.
Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies...

Taxi Driver: get some sleep.
Lmao Saunch.well you just inspired me to try and come up with a few of my own :

Deliverance- At any and all costs, avoid banjo players.

Maltese Falcon - a bird in the hand may just poop there.

The Taking of Pelham 123 (original ) -to be a success in your chosen profession, don't forget your anti-histamine

Bob and Ted and Carol and Alice- get a room!

Fargo- how many times do I have to tell ya: never trust a used car dealer.

You can't win an argument just by being right!
Midnight Express

When shopping in Istanbul, Turkish Delight makes good souvenirs for back home.

Tobacco Road: Don't even know what was going on here, the obnoxious caricatures were just too gosh darn powerful to see beyond.

Edit: Just realized this thread isn't serious, oh well dumb post. Should actually read threads before posting.

Actually, @Camo I was thinking that everyone has had the very same reaction to some movie as you did to Tobacco Road. Have you ever heard my rant on Castaway? Lol

Well this isn't my thread so maybe it's not my place to say it, but I think anything you are pondering or gleaning from your movie picks is just fine to post here. I actually think it started out more seriously and then Bonito made some pithy and yet witty remarks. Then Saunch just made me burst out laughing; so I dialed back on some of the more serious lessons I've learned from films I've loved, and just started spoofing.

The thread owner can further explain if need be, but from the pov of this mofo- it's all good.

Tobacco Road: Don't even know what was going on here, the obnoxious caricatures were just too gosh darn powerful to see beyond...
Actually, @Camo I was thinking that everyone has had the very same reaction to some movie as you did to Tobacco Road...
A third opinion on John Ford's Tobacco Road. Though it might be just so bad, it's funny?

Pretty Woman seems to suggest that women can meet their dream man by becoming a hooker. Not sure it actually works like that.

This might just do nobody any good.
Watched Silence of the Lambs for about the 500th time last night (it never gets old).

I guess the takeaway is it's better to rub the lotion on your skin.
Never tuck.

On a more serious note, there is a sort of lesson that one of my favorite films impressed on me - though I ' m not sure I can fully explain it in words (but I ll give it a go) . In Moonstruck, Ronny (N Cage) tells Loretta ( Cher) that his brother Johnny destroyed his life. Though Cher sees it as an accident, Ronnie says his brother distracted him, 'made him look away ' and so he sliced off his hand. She !d better watch out, he says, he could make Cher look away and she'd cut off her head.

As funny as this scene is, I believe there is an invaluable truth in there- there are some people who always seem to bring trouble and misery and 'accidents' to others. They don't mean to, are not evil by nature, but because they are 'distracted' by their self indulgence in their own world, they can run roughshod over yours.

Beware the ones who look benign, harmless even foolish; but are so consumed with their own agenda, as they cross your path, they will topple you right over- it is the lesson of that scene, and it's a subtle but valuable one.

(I've known - thankfully- only a few people like that, but the movie gave me a definition of how they work it,)

Manchester By the Sea. Never use one of the thousands of words in English when an f-bomb will do.
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