Movie with a boy and a circus giant


Hey look. I've been looking for a movie for so long. I've seen it a long time ago and can't remember anything regarding name or cast. I just remember some random parts of it. I'll write them here and hopefully it sounds familiar to someone. I mention that it's extremely important for me to fin it. So:
There's some boy walking around with a circus giant. The reach som crossroads. Then there's some village with shoes hanging from electricity wires. I also remeber some part of it with giant fish and also some army stuff.
I know it's extremely random but please, if it sound familiar feel free to message me. Thank you so much!

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Oddly excited to see an argument break out on the Big Fish reference. "No No I typed 'giant' fish. Not 'big.' Any ideas?"

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I just want to hug (your FACE)!
I feel like this deserved to be remembered and honored. I typed way too many "em" letters the first time through that. Wow.

NO idea why such things amuse me, but they do! I imagine someone dressed as McDonald's Hamburglar sneaking around, behind the site posts (literally, behind each frame), snatching and rearranging things with his over-the-shoulder burglar satchel.
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I just want to hug (your FACE)!
Not necessarily. I do, however, imagine someone or some thing running around the page creating mischief. Like that old app in the 90s that dropped tiny sheep into your desktop theme. They would walk around and fall off window edges. But, this guy is clever. First, he wouldn't just walk off a window frame. Second, he probably wouldn't even be seen to begin with. The Hamburglar is just an artist's representation of what I imagine exists.

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Is that what you imagine The Shoutbox Tyrant looks like?
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