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Hey, was just wondering if anyone on the forum could help me with a movie question? Would greatly appreciate it.

There is a movie I remember watching on television when I was a child, which was around twenty years ago. I barely remember it, don't even exactly know what the plot was about or who the actors were who acted in it, or wheather it was a big theatrical realise or a made for TV movie, I just remember vague flashbacks of certain points in the movie. My memory is very muddled, and I will try and describe it as best I can. It's been bugging me for years what it is and I would love to see it again.
It was based in a typical large American city, with large apartment buildings and skyscrapers. It was about a serial killer, he was white, with a medium build, brown hair and he wore glasses. I'm pretty sure he disguised himself with a large black overcoat and a bowling hat.
Intertwined with the story of the serial killer are a young couple who live on the upper floors of a large apartment building. The man from what I remember is some how incapacitated (not sure how) and watches the streets and the adjacent buildings.
He is watching the opposite apartment building one dark night when the killer suddenly breaks in through the door and kills two young men who are sitting watching TV. From what I remember he shoots something at them from his right arm and seems to remove one of the men's tounges. This is all viewed by the man across the street. There is also a segment of the movie were the man from the apartment suspects he knows who the killer is and somehow plants surveillance equipment in the killers apartment. The killer towards the end of the movie catches on to this, he discovers a listening device (think it's a microphone) hidden in a ventilation shaft in his apartment. Then at the climax of the movie the killer chases the couple on the rooftops of the apartment buildings and from what I remember the couple survives, however the man sustains a gunshot wound to his shoulder.

I'm sorry for the very hazy description of the plot, but this is all I can remember.
I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what movie this is. I would love to watch it again!

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That sounds very much like an updated version of Alfred Hitchcock's classic Rear Window (1954), so I guess it would have to be the 1998 made-for-TV Rear Window starring Christopher Reeve.

Try watching both! I think you'll find the original is the better of the two.

Hey, thanks for your help, but it's definitely not both versions of Rear Window, I've watched them both. The first one by Hitchcock and the second one was made for tv with Christopher Reeves and Daryl Hannah. But yeah, your right, the first one is far better, I'm a big Christopher Reeves fan though and love him from the original Superman movies! Thank you very much for trying to answer my question, I appreciate it!
This movie I'm thinking of seems to be some more obscure rip off of Rear Window.

Anyone know what it is??
It's really been bugging me the last twenty years! Haha

English? Or Foreign movie budded in English, or Subtitles, all of these. New, old, at least mention these, with over 10K movies made a year, its hard to tell. Seems to be a Giallo.
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It's an American movie in the English language. Pretty sure it was made some time in the nineties. It's around twenty years old, maybe more.
Thanks for your help!
Going to check out Giallo to see if it is it.

Giallo is a genre not a movie. I am think its a Giallo film. I myself cant remember the name. There was a movie which was quite similar to Read Window.

@Jason 1987 it isn't Giallo (2009). At first I thought of Disturbia (2007) but a couple of things don't fit the criteria.

Who knew there were so many Rear Window films.

Thanks for the help guys!
Not any closer to finding out what the movie's called, been searching the Giallo genre like crazy, are they all Italian?
Lol, cat_sidhe! I know, it's so damn frustrating, been wondering what this movie is for twenty years now! Really want to see it again.
Who know though - it might be terrible, things you see as a child aren't always as good or scary as when your an adult.
I watched the exorcist for the first time since I was ten the other night. I just thought it was stupid and it didn't scare me at all. It scared the piss out of me when I was a kid though, haha.

Thanks hell_storm 2004!
Do you know if the movie your thinking of is an American-made movie?
The Giallo genre movies all seem to be Italian.

Giallo are mostly Italian, sometimes dubbed in English or made in English as well. One of my guilty pleasures. Love that genre! When movies are named like "Strip Nude for Your Killer",, it can't get any better!

I am still scratching my head, I will reply back if I recall it.

Sliver (1993)??

Thanks hell_storm2004! Going to check out Sliver and see if it's it.

Could it be Body Double by Brian de Palma?

Thanks FresnoBob!
Going to check that out too. I have been really busy with work lately.

Thanks for all the help so far guys!

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Staying with the Rear Window theme, what about Through Naked Eyes (1983), a TV movie starring David Soul?

Good Neighbors?

Unfortunately it is not as old as you say, but a few other things match up like handicapped guy, apartments, large city, serial killer, etc...

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