Looking for movie with a child and a black panther



I hope I find the answer, it was one of the best dramas I've seen, but it waas a long time.

So it is a drama, quite dark. The main characters are children, and there was an accident in the past. One of, or all of the childrens are responsible. I think in the end, one of the children - driven from regret or to prove something - goes into a place where a black panther is. I think one of the children's parents work or own a zoo or something, that's how she/he gets in. As I can remember, it doesn't end well.

I'd be grateful if ou could help me, I've been searching for the title for a long time...


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Hi, are you sure it can't be
Hollywood Safari 1997

and not

A Tiger Walks (1964) ?

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Thank you for commenting. Unfortunately, it's neither of them.
I should have said that the movie was made between like... 1995-2010.

It's not about animals... it's a deep drama about 3-4-5 children, the black panther at the end is not an important thing, but I can only remember that one