Love Exposure is my favourite film of all time, and rightfully so. It has one of the best love stories I have ever seen put to film, and although the movie is incredibly long (with a total run time of 237 minutes, which when put into perspective, is just 3 minutes shy of being a four hour movie), I have been able to watch it in one sitting so many times and every time the movie ends, I just want it to continue, and I want the story to keep going on forever because I end up being so deeply invested with the characters and their relationships that I just want to keep an open window to their world.

Due to the long run-time, every single character is given time to grow and develop at a gradual pace and nothing feels rushed or halted. Everything runs at smooth, slow pace, which compliments the movieís erratic plot extremely well. This also means that the relationship between Yū and Yoko (our main characters) is given a lot of time and room to grow well, which makes you love these characters even more along the way.
Needless to say, this movie isnít for everyone, I mean for a start its nearly 4 hours long, and if you arenít a fan of this movie's esoteric, satirical humour then this might not be for you. I would still recomend watching it though, because this movie gives a message and makes turns concept we all go through in our lives up on their heads, whether it be sex, love, violence, religion, morality and the pornography industry (yes, you heard me right.)

I really have to commend Sion Sono, the director of this movie. How he was able to make such a perfect movie I will never know, but what I do know is that this isnít his only good movie. And you should definitely think about watching other things in his filmography besides Love Exposure, like "Why Donít You Play in Hell?", "Himizu" and "Tag".

God I truly wish I could go fully in-depth about Love Exposure, but I feel as if I wouldnít do the movie justice, so I thoroughly recommend this movie, watch this movie right now in any way you can because it deserves an audience. Love Exposure will make you feel every emotion that you are able to feel, and give you a new outlook on life and many other things, like religion, love, the human condition, and also what it means to be a pervert, funnily enough. You will be disgusted at times, you will laugh, you will cry, and most of all, you will have a good ass time.

This movie, to me, is a solid 10/10 and if I get someone else to feel the same way about this movie as i do, then i would consider myself victorious.