Billy the Kid by drone, real locations from Young Guns movies


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I sure hope rat still posts here, old threads shows him a Lincoln county war aficionado. That took tons of work to source, cite and produce. The best pre reading material before watching that is both young guns.
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If my link didn't work, search YouTube/ Billy the kid by drone and it will. Look how tilt shift photography makes the actual town of Lincoln look like a little model set.

The other shot is 170 feet above the cemetery he was last buried in anyone could locate on paper.

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I found his writing online and it made me want to sign up and chat thanks for stopping in

perhaps he'll forgive my adjustment of his moniker heh that was bad recall my part/need more gensing in diet

Other than whether or not Billy dies in ft sumner, brushy bill vs old schoolers, I wanted to make a video that shows something new to everyone. Actual stinking spring rock house (where they're depicting when Keifer Sutherland dies in YG2) forensic mapping= done~

Not one place on the internet shows any 3d mapping of Lincoln county war sites other than that... i was really excited for it to come together.

History tidbit of truth for anyone near Santa Fe NM

While filming there, I took a side jaunt home and went to Cerillos NM just an hour out, aka main Street Lincoln from YG1

To reduce confusion: my movie isn't about young guns location sites, it's about showing the real sites they're depicting. Some of these are highly secretive/that's why no other videos of stinking spring exists, especially by air. Even tunstall site took me two weeks to locate via online clue hunting/begging for coordinates

Neat places the public can go is Bosque Redondo in ft sumner, that's right off a public highway where Billy was claimed shot, by Garrett, and tunstall site, that's on public Lincoln county forest land. Nm is rare in that they share their lands
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Will watch the vid soon and get back to you

I've forgotten more about the Lincoln War than most people even learn
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Bots gotta be bottin'

Here's the vid as you're still new to the site

Fascinating viewing, @brandon429 thanks you for making the video. Recognised pretty much every place you included
It's a trip I've always wanted to take too.

What I find really interesting about the war... is if you mention Lincoln County War, people don't know what you're on about, but if you say Billy The Kid to them, they instantly know... yet, Billy was a slightly-higher-than-minor player in the actual war and only became infamous in the aftermath.

One thing that always draws my interest with it all too, is that the newspapers played a major part in Billy's fame. It was the "fake news" (as it's known today), that made Billy a household name

Awesome video though, buddy

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Thank you much for stopping in
A history tidbit Iím missing along the way, never found it in books or my interviews with Lincoln peeps:

Why did buckshot Roberts have a warrant out / blazers mill issue

I didnít show he rode against the Tunstall group, so why would regulators bother engaging him to serve a warrant if his crime wasnít Tunstall related?

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You up early it’s 4 am in Lubbock heh I had coffee for dinner that’s why for me

Buckshot Roberts had worked for Dolan when Tunstall was killed.

The sad thing was, Roberts wasn't part of the group of men who killed Tunstall... but... they couldn't properly identify exactly who was in the group apart from Jesse Evans, Billy Morton, Frank Baker and Tom Hill.

So basically, Roberts had become wanted, simply by association.
The gunfight at Blazer's Mill, was a total coincidence. Roberts arrived at the Mill and was actually heading out of Lincoln to get away from the troubles... and he ran into the Regulators.

Rather than surrender for a crime he was innocent of, a gunfight kicked off and he was killed.

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Thank you very much for that it makes sense now

You are on Fred Nolanís side of the pond thatís so neat, thatís two gents I wish I could visit a saloon with (a pub, heh) then.

Make some tilt shifts here, amazing this is free in my opinion

No probs

I'll have to dig all my notes and stuff out. I've written essays on all this over the past 25 years

You know the ending to Young Guns?
It seems a little OTT, kinda extreme and almost unbelievable and stuff.

The truth is, it not only actually happened... but it was also about 10 times larger than what you see in the movie

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Hey I see what you mean now, been thinking about it today and you're meaning the size of the army vs regs at the mcsween place? That places gives me chills to stand on, it's just about three hours from Lubbock Texas, just a lucky happenstance

It's why I'm so into LCW, because the ground is accessible. There's absolutely nothing scary about the Lincoln Forest, in the summer after milling about and collecting those shots I pick a random mountain and set up camp at the base. At 2 am I'm getting steaks cooked, listening to music at the camp, and nobody is around but the thoughts of the regulators and that sir, is serenity

You can comb every inch of Lincoln NM, actual town, as a tourist I've never seen such land sharing.

Wanna walk up the same mountains they fled out the back of the mcsween house? Can do. I'm too winded, so I sent the drone We think we see fire pit marks in that opening dark cave shot, the second one that's close up and dark inside.

As soon as my posts are up i wanna post stinging spring close-up flights not in that original vid. I'm gonna up my posts real quick (not spam clearly) so I can do this alternate video trail of young guns clips

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And then be able to

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Post the other videos I have not posted so far right below the movie portion, for direct context. I'm trying to get to 25 posts so I can post some forensics, man

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One other thing

If anyone wants to drive/fly/vamos a new Mexico then we can chat out quite a journey right here, safely, and it can be a neat guide for both young guns film shoot areas (the ones near Santa Fe... Phoenix and other places were used too/Tuscon)

We'll have another repository of therodents historical framing and some location specifics to work from. Cool vids are coming up