Spiderman Homecoming or Thor Ragnarok?


Which 2017 Superhero flick do you prefer?
6 votes
Spiderman: Homecoming
11 votes
Thor: Ragnarok
17 votes. You may not vote on this poll

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I'd say Spider-Man: Homecoming, although, I don't think either Ragnarok or Homecoming are among the best in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Thor by a mile. I liked Spider-Man Homecoming, it was a lot of fun, but there's this feeling of "not another Spider-Man film" for me. They've gone to the well too many times. Thor seemed fresh and new despite it's retro 1980's feel. One of the best Non-LOTR fantasy flicks I've seen. He fights a dragon in Hell to a Led Zeppelin song...does it get any more "Heavy Metal" than that?

No. No it does not.
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I voted for Thor without seeing Thor yet.

How can Thor be worse than Homecoming? The likelihood is low.
Same over here

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I don't like Thor: Ragnarok movie also Spiderman: Homecoming part. But Spiderman: Homecoming its better than Thor: Ragnarok.

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Spiderman has always been my favorite superhero so I may be biased by picking homecoming, I thought they handled Peter Parker's character exactly as they should, and the combination of the Coming of Age and Traditional Super-Hero narrative worked fantastically well.

Thor surprised me, the directing made the movie feel so fresh and witty, while at the same time cementing it with high stakes.

Spiderman is my favorite, but Thor might be the better movie.

Both miles better than the very disappointing Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.