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Hi Beatle. Hope you're feeling better!

For as much as I was interested in the subject matter, I didn't care for Zero Dark Thirty - for some reason it didn't seem like the movie I was expecting it to be. Maybe I should do a rewatch.

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I admit one outstanding reason for buying is Michelle. Not because of her acting skills, I don't think she's very good, as she admited herself. She's beautiful. That's why. I'm not much of a George fan.

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This isn't my favorite film by any means. It's not a pleasant watch. It's a difficult one. Nor am I a Jack fan. In fact, he's my least favorite. But I liked it, only once though, when I first saw it as a kid in 1989. And I like the Blu-Ray. So, I'd like to get it one day.

(This is a list of those I have (only a few) and of those I'd like to have)