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Good evening fellow forumers...

I have decided to do a new top 100 movies list. The reason? My last top 100 movies list is from December 2012, I also did a top 50 but I mixed in 8 TV shows in there so I think I should do a list free of TV shows (with one exception because it was also released as a movie), so I think it's time for an update. Although one might noticed that a lot of the previous movies will show up again. However, through perspective of looking at movies through the lens of time, now I have further refined my favorite lists, although there are exactly 4 movies here that I have watched over the past 2 years, so they might not be "proven masterpieces" according to my tastes.

*Edit: I counted again and found 4 movies I watched since August 19, 2015 in here.

100. Paths of Glory (1957)

Nice to start of the list STRONG with an Hollywood war movie from a time when Hollywood made good war movies (and when they made a war movie featuring French main characters!) but not only that it's a Kubrick movie before Kubrick became kinda psychopathic (in this movies at least) as we have tons of human emotion in here. It is also one of the few black and white movies on this list.

99. Sideways (2004)

Such underrated masterpiece, well, it's not technically the most impressive film but I found it a very nice one, that goes down like a nice whine. The best movie about wine that I know about and it's also about whining about your middle age. Although I am not middle aged yet my friends always tell me that I am a bitter old man so I identify that kind of character. Great performances by the cast produced a delicious and natural narrative.

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98. Legend of Galactic Heroes: My Conquest is a Sea of Stars (1988)

There are mainly 3 kinds of movies in this countdown: science fiction, war movies and animated movies. So why not put everything together? Behold, Legend of Galactic Heroes, the absolute monument of nerdism: a strictly adult animated film from 1988. It was the pilot directo to video movie for the adaption of a series of 17 science fiction novels that detailed the process of unification of a galactic civilization through interstellar war which had lasted over 150 years.

Glorious 60 minutes of low budget animation in all it's glory (edit: found version with English subtitles):

Also shows how the Japanese already had a Prussian militarism fetish back in the 80's that now evolved into Tanya the Evil.

You didn't watch that movie #98, @jal90? If not you I don't think anybody here watched it. This top list is actually a truly personal list now.

Sideways kicks ass! Excellent pick!
Movies like Sideways that few people talk about (relatively to other movies) are actually one of the reasons why I am doing this top 100: I introspected over my lifetime of film watching and found movies that left a deep impression on me, even though they are not very popular.

97. 12 Monkeys (1995)

This is my favorite Terry Gilliam movie, although I haven't watched all his movies. I actually like Brazil as well, although Brazil's title is complete nonsense (coming from a Brazilian by the way), although Brazil is also a very bureaucratic country the movie Brazil feels more like what's happening with East Asia now rather than South America. 12 Monkeys is different, its a more elegant film and more powerful experience.

Anyway, this movie is very dark actually, a rather depressing and powerful experience. I found it very unlike Monthy Python's movies as well (Gillian directed some of that stuff too). But it's obviously heavily influenced, in fact, almost a remake of Chris Maker's short film from the 1960's. And yet, another film that's either science fiction, war or animated.

96. Hidden Fortress (1958)

To put simple: One of the most entertaining films ever made. It's a simple and straightforward movie but in my opinion Kurosawa's most entertaining movie and also has a very funny duo of main characters. Classic adventure storytelling, one can see how modern blockbuster movies have been influenced by this kind of movie.

Setsuko Hara is my co-pilot
Lucas stole everything from it for Star Wars. The word has it he even wanted Mifune to star in it, but he turned it down. The funny duo are obviously the two robots...

95. Drive (2011)

Watched this as soon as it was released, back in 2011. I felt deeply impressed by it. It's a pure action movie exuding machismo without suffering from the lack of elegance most movies of the genre lack. Gosling was also great overall in this movie.