What's the worst film in your collection?


Fight Club, it has high Imdb and good reviews but I think it's total senseless movie
Never been able to get even halfway through.
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My dad use to get EP VHS HBO tapes from a guy at work in the 80's. Watching the Meyerowitz Stories made me chuckle.

Well if you dont count the kids old movies (I had nothing to do with buying High School Musical and The Care Bears Adventure In Wonderland is torturous on every level) I would say its a tie between The Hotel New Hampshire, The Center of the World and Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS. I also own Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies but Im still not sure if its winky Japanese camp or just dreadful. Or both.
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I own the first Power Rangers movie on VHS from when I was a kid. What a crap movie.

True love's dying kiss
Jeepers Creepers. (2001)

at least I dont own Starship Troopers.. its worse!
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