Brandon Lee...The Crow That Could Have Flew?


I have studied the death of brandon lee for quite some time and honestly i think it was set up for one...and i feel if he wasn't shot during the filming of the crow, he was on his way to a brilliant career...i mean i once read that brandon lee said "i dont want to be the martial artist that every one in china watches only...i wanna be an all american great movie star" and it's kinda sad it ended so tragically.

What do you think? Was he on his way? was the death set-up?

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I see what you're saying. It was Professor Plum in the library...

No, in all seriousness I don't know enough about his death to comment. I have read similar consipracy theories about his father (I study a couple of martial arts).

However, the first question is why would someone want him dead? It could perhaps be relating to the death of his father, one of the theories of which is that the Chinese elders had it arranged in punishment for him teaching Kung Fu to westerners.

However, if this were the case, why arrange to have him killed on set? To make it seem like an accident, I suppose, but it would be much easier surely for him to be in a car accident or something?

A good topic of discussion. I look forward to seeing other people's thoughts .

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I don't knkow much about it, but from what I do know, I don't think it was setup. I mean why would anyone want to kill him? But hey could you enlighten me and tell me most of the details of his death, because I've heard multiple stories.
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ok Brandon Lee's Deat....he was shot in the upper back and was nearly killed instantly the gun was fired by actor named michael who played funboy and the wied thing was that michael was TOLD by the director and the rest of the crew who was werkin with the guns and stuff to "fire above the shoulder so in caser anything were to happen" did he? no

also the gun that was used they claimed had a blank still stuck in the barrow over the 2 week time period that they were not filming and when they return to filming they NEVER checked the gun at all they gave it to michael right heres what i feel...lots of the actors who played along side brandon often disputed on the set with many whats to say that some of the actors (who were not recieving as much spotlight as brandon lee on the movie anyways) didnt set it up to not give him any glory for the film at all? i mean michale didnt hesitate to fire upwards did he? he shot right at his back


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michael was TOLD by the director and the rest of the crew who was werkin with the guns and stuff to "fire above the shoulder so in caser anything were to happen" did he? no
Firing pistols isn't the most accurate thing to do, especially if you are untrained. And "above the shoulder" isn't that far from the upper back. It's common practice when firing blanks (such as in the military).

Interesting theory about the other actors though. Not really a conspiracy then, just a bit of hostility. Also a little funny that they didn't check the gun - that's normal safety procedure.

This is one of those things that will probably never be answered. No matter what happened however I think Brandon Lee was on they way to a great acting career. Oh he needed a ways to go before he was "great" but I sensed it in him watching The Crow.
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I'm pretty sure he was shot in the front. A cartridge that was stuck in the barrel was blasted at Lee through the grocery bag (for the scene) he was carrying, killing him. Why would he be holding the bag around his back?

Prop Master's fault? Maybe, who knows.

and the guy's name is Michael Massee
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