I am a big lover of all Phantom Of The Opera movies (This includes rare and unheard of versions) I own over 45 on DVD N I would love to share my thoughts on all the versions and incarnations I have seen starting with this TV made movie from 1974.

JD's PHANTOM REVIEW 1: The Phantom Of Hollywood!
Starring Jack Cassidy as The Phantom & Otto

About The Film:
The Phantom of Hollywood is a TV movie made back in 1974 and stars Jack Cassidy in a duel role A movie studio called Worldwide films was the biggest of the big but sadly in an era of dream factories are no longer around and have now been replaced by this new age era of quick buck real estate. They have decided its time to sell the studio\where 1000 of movies have been made (The ghosts of 1000 movies, I am 100% sure that's a joke on Lon Chaney) But not so fast someone is trying to stop them someone who has without anyone knowing lived in this studio and he will kill anyone who gets in his way of preventing his home from being destroyed

JD's Thoughts:
I must admit I have been dying to see this film for more quite some time now and it's not only because of its a Phantom film. (I am a lover of cheesy classic not so popular movies) but of cause the other reason was Phantom, however this film wasnít like past Phantom films and thatís what had me wanting to find it and has a film student the thought of The Phantom living on a movie set was like WOW wish I was around in 1974 I would have made this film my own.
I think for a film made in the 70's it's not half bad like it's not up there with some of the other great films in this series. Jack gives an amazing performance as the phantom and shows us what he could have done if he had been given the role in a more better-suited film (Closer to being called Phantom Of The Opera and there being a white mask involved). Speaking of the mask it's kind of a hood type of mask but I LOVE IT I think The Phantom should have all types of masks and hoods and that what makes me think this film did a good job at boarding away from the classic story but still leaving some elements of past Phantom movie's but I won't ruin that for you. The makeup is a let down I feel they really didnít even try at all to make his face look like it was burnt to me it looks like a normal face just with a really bad wax mask...... One thing that did annoy me is the Christine character wasnít even a love interest of The Phantoms he just took her to his house to keep them from destroying his home like okay.....sure why not.
Another interesting fact about this film is that they made it while the MGM back lot was being dismantled so everything that happens in the film to the studio did happen in real life also there are a few scenes from classic films in this movie too (So time to walk down memory lane)
I feel that this film is a bit of a let down due to plot and some of the other cast acting but don't let that stop you from watching this film it's a nice way to kill 90 mins on a slow Sunday