Best movie portrayal of white devil falsely accused of racism?


Not in a comedy.

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They've made a movie about Trump already?
No, the title says falsely accused.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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If the person is falsely accused then why would they be a 'white devil'?

This thread is racist.
They could be both. If I accused Hitler of attacking Pearl Harbor, the accusation would be false, but he'd still be a white devil!

Hitler's always good for helping make things clear!

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If the devil does actually exist, do you think he is racist?
No, he'd enjoy people fighting because of racism, but the devil wouldn't be racist, since it's a man-made concept.

The devil probably prefers his own race (angels) over a bunch of talking monkeys (homosapiens).

Special thanks to The Prophecy (1995) for the whole "talking monkeys" bit!