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Little Shop Of Horrors - Happy 30th


Today, December 19th... 1986

THE finest animatronics and practical effects ever put to screen, even in my mind better than Jurassic Park and Peter Weller's face makeup in RoboCop... turns 30 today.


As I said, the finest practical effects ever put to screen... Happy 30th... and thank you Frank Oz and Lyle Conway.

I bought the DVD two days ago in celebration of the 30th Birthday.

Love this movie.

Audrey II is a work of genius.

This was one of my favorite childhood toys.... based on this movie.....

There was a timer, I think, and you had to throw those little balls into the plant monster's mouth before time was up.... otherwise the plant's mouth would snap shut and bite you. WHICH HURT BECAUSE IT WAS THE '80s AND PEOPLE DIDN'T CARE IF THEY MADE CHILDHOOD TOYS THAT BIT OFF FINGERS.

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I'm watching it now... I'm mesmerised watching the plant.

It's perfect.

7 years before Jurassic Park's T-Rex and Triceratops and it still holds firm today.

Gonna say it again, top movie, top musical, and THE finest practical special effects ever made. Period.


Have you seen the alternate ending to that movie?

I recently did. It is INSANE. Seymour dies and plant monsters take over the world.

Yeah the different cuts are nuts

Audrey collapses and dies in the alleyway and Seymour get munched lol!

There's the city being taken over by massive plants as well.

Frank Oz hated the ending they went with and thought the death ending was better as that is what happens in the original play... but movie audiences wanted them to live so they reshot the ending.
Oz hated the good ending though and still prefers the alternate ending.