Clockwork Orange


I just watched this movie for the first time ever last night. What are your opinions on it? I was expecting something more outlandish actually, i've been told for years that it was disturbing and really really strange not to mention banned in some places. So I was expecting something really really weird, but i only found it mildly strange. It was kind of boring as well, I can see the appeal of it though to some cult classic admirers.

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Welcome to Mofo...first off. Well...we have Movie Club on this forum where someone chooses a movie and then we all discuss it a week later. I chose this video about two weeks ago....this was the second time i watched it. The first time...i got about half way through it and realized it didn't understand it and i wasn't liking it. My second attempt was better. I understood various concepts being used by Kubrick...which some people find offensive (hence getting banned in some places). I guess some people can't face the facts as to that is the way society is today. Other than's not one of my fav's by Kubrick but it certainly is up there.
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As Moviefan20 stated above, we discussed this film for our MoFo Movie Club a few weeks ago.

Here is the thread to the entire discussion:

A Clockwork Orange discussion
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