I just watched Captain America: Civil War to me it was an okay film.
What bothered me the most about the movie was a very thin storyline. The villian, if you can even call him that was very mediocre.
To me, it seemed like a lot of the fight scenes were in the film, just to show off the CGI.

The ending was very lame. So Captain America is still defending the Winter Soldier/Buckey even though Stark just watched him kill his parents?? Mind control or not he still killed them,
he had every right to want to kill him and get revenge.

And the storyline with the other Winter Soldiers could have been really good, but it turns out the guy just kills them all, how lame was that. Wouldnt a much better story have been the guy (i dont remember his name) freeing the Winter Soldiers and thus forming his own persoanl army which would be formidable foes for the Avengers.

Anyways thats my honest review of the movie. If you want to share your feelings, i ask that you do so respectfully. I feel i have every right as a member here to give my honest review without getting flamed.