Aloft (2014)

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Peruvian director Claudia Llosa brings us this movie about a son trying to get in contact with his mother that abandoned him when he was a child. The story behind is crude and sad. Nana Kunning, played by Jennifer Connelly, has two sons, the youngest has a cerebral tumor. Desperate and in order to find a cure she takes them all the way north to the frozen lands of Canada in search of a healer. There they convince her to become a healer too in detriment of her sons. Decades later the oldest son is trying to find her to put his soul at ease.
The movie was received with negative reviews everywhere but I don't see why. The acting of Connelly and Cilian Murphy is good if not great. The photography is artistically well done and the story is enveloping. The barren landscape is beautiful and it reflects the desolate condition of the soul of the main characters. They are all searching for forgivness and an absolution from their past, they want to be free and fly as a hawk. Just beware that this is not a light drama, its heavy in its subject and at the end you realize that some things don't have an easy solution. If you like dramas, see it immediatly.