Your favorite late night talk show host


who is your favorite late night tv talk show host?mine is Conan O'brien.
To be honest it's probably Graham Norton, purely because his guests seem to be really comfortable and relaxed I mean, I've never seen Robert de Niro looked as chilled out as he is on that show.

It was Conan for a very long time, but the last year or so he really seems to be phoning it in. His jokes, which were primarily silly in the past, seem to have more of an edge to them, and the humor's gotten more overtly political (and not just political, but "jokes" that are basically just derision). No thanks. I might start DVRing the show again to see if it's gotten better lately.

I gave Colbert a go when his show launched. It definitely has its moments, but there's nothing particularly special about it, either.

I just watch reruns of Cutthroat Kitchen or read to wind down now.

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I watch reruns of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson every night on Antenna TV to get a shot of laughs, history (pop culture and serious), unique personalities, crazy sketches and Johnny's monologue. He was always very political too but laid into everyone equally, but from 1968-1992, the Dems. only spent four years in the White House. It brings back lots of memories, although it can be awfully sad since so many people are gone now.
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after watching graham norton i soon realised how unfunny the others are.
its so staged,the fake laughs and the guests are constantly interrupted when speaking. also i fin the whole "second host" things so odd and awkward.
Britney is my favorite

I just watch reruns of Cutthroat Kitchen or read to wind down now.
haha. Cutthroat Kitchen is such fantastic garbage . Love that show.

For me it is Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross when he was on BBC One. Never liked Alan Carr's show and Parkinson was on his way out when i was growing up so i didn't see too much of him. Although i have watched some past interviews, like his Muhammad Ali one and enjoyed them.

Not really watched much of American ones. I liked The Daily Show episodes i watched but obviously that wouldn't count.

ive never liked alan carr either,i think jonathan ross okay-i used to watch him before i started watching graham norton.
I think piers morgan had a show,but i dont know if that counted as a late night show as ive only seen a few episodes on youtube-he had some great guests and great topics but hes a horrendous interviewer.

I used to watch david letterman-but looking back i cant understand why,he obviously had a lot of great guests but man..

Johnny Carson all the way. I cannot stand any of the other ones at all. Although James Corden has a beautiful female bass player, at least the last time I watched which was months ago.
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I prefer the Graham Norton interviews over any American counterpart. Having all the guests there to just sort of converse by following a rough guideline makes things feel so much more natural and comfortable. Corden came over and did the same, but I really don't like him.

yeah Cordon isnt any good,alot of his jokes are used before-he sits waay too close to the guests and always leans over them,the whole im-fat-and-have-a-small-penis joke has been done waay too many times by him now and also alot of his guests often dont mix too well and it seems alot more awkward than on the norton show.
and his constant fake laugh is driving me crazy.

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I watch Johnny Carson reruns sometimes.. I wouldn't say he's political at all, and he comes right out and says he doesn't take positions on anything, that he really doesn't have a point of view, but compared to now, it's no contest. Also for me, it's a bit of history. I never watched it live, but because millions watched every night, I also watch to see what others saw. It's the same with the news - a way to prepare myself for what I'm about to hear.

colbert will always be the greatest. his new show doesn't hold a candle to the colbert report but i've still caught every episode. conan's pretty much a genius but yeah he's been phoning it in for a few years now but i still try to watch when i can. i think fallon, kimmel, meyers, and corden are all likable enough and i'll watch them if there's nothing else to watch but they're pretty lame.

have barely watched the daily show since stewart left but i think noah's doing a fine job. the nightly show has its moments and i like wilmore's takes but the show just isn't very funny. love last week tonight and i really like what i've seen of full frontal.

love watching reruns of johnny carson even though a lot of the jokes don't hold up at all. i just like the historical element and carson himself is so delightful.
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seen A Clockwork Orange. In all honesty, the movie was weird and silly

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I always preferred David Letterman. I like it when I can see some older stuff like Mike Douglas or Merv Griffin. And I do occasionally watch the Johnny Carson re-runs. Some of those episodes I actually remember seeing when I was a kid. So it is nice to see them again. I loved it when Craig Ferguson had his show at night. But after Letterman left, I just don't watch anything unless when we get new episodes of Graham Norton. Jimmy Fallon is nauseating. Stephen Colbert is very underwhelming for me. I have no interest in James Corden or Seth Meyers. Jimmy Kimmel has some OK sketches, and Conan O'Brien can be tolerable, but I really don't put much effort into watching any of them unless there is a guest on there that I really want to see.
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