Is Animation disrespected by the Academy?


Is Animation Direspected
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Only 3 movies ever got nominated let alone won Best Picture, IMO it is a shame that Spirted Away, Princess Mononoke, Song of the Sea did not even get a nomination even though all of them could've and at times should of won best picture. (Sprited Away was far superior to Gladiator.) Hopefully Zootopia gets a best picture nomination this year.

Does anyone else share this thought?

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I didn't think so. The last time I really paid attention to "The Oscars", I remember Peter and the Wolf (2006) getting an award. I also remember a nomination for Madame Tutli-Putli (2007). These were model animation and stop-motion animation.

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They regard it oddly, in my opinion. Somehow, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle etc. are all ignored for screenplay noms, yet Toy Story 3 got a screenplay nom so I think they disregard pretty much everything except Disney-Pixar in categories separate to the one solely for animated films.

One day.

Animation does get respect in the special effects categories. Spirited Away was genius, and deserved a nom, but not a win. Animated movies are consistently fantastic, and that is like a comedy to academy voters where a movie is consistenly funny. They dont regard it as pure storytelling.

Animated movies should, and can evolve from what they are now. There should be many different types of artstyles, now they do seem very similar to one another. Would be interested to see an underground anime market (NOT Porno) that showcases an artstyle where the eyes dont comprise of 30% of the face. FF VII - Advent Children was good, but what would it look like today with slicker graphics, and a completely different artists interpretation?! Animated movies havent yet scratched the surface of what its capable of as a film form. Im sure the best is yet to come.

Yes, because stigmas still exist. Not that it matters, though, other awards take care of this.

See the problem with the Academy Awards are, they don't hire teens to be judges.
Looking at their nominations in general, I would assume they do.

I didn't vote because I don't know if it's that black and white...we had to wait until 1991 for an animated film to be nominated for Best we really believe that there have been no Oscar worthy animated films prior to 1991?