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Hello to you all :-)

I created this topic to introduce me and my last short-film too :-)
So, I'm Romain, live in France, 22 and amateur director. Some short-films directed and the last one : "SAMHAIN".
Written with two friends, we were focused on several ideas at once and we decided to transcribe it, which we have taken time. However, of these scripts, there was one that stood out from others because it was "fictitious". Indeed, every fan of horror movies would dream to direct his own fan film "in his sauce." We put aside just because we thought it was a bit overrated.
But... arrived the day of death of the legend Wes Craven... No doubt for us to bring out our pens and edit this script, and we worked on it like crazy guys. Professional actress, equipment rental and locations... Despite the big problems on set, it was a crazy experience and the whole team is proud of. And it's my turn to be proud to present "SAMHAIN" released in November 2015.

Before, the synopsis:
"October 31, Halloween. A young woman is getting set to babysit her little brother while their parents are out. There’s just one problem… our heroine does not respect a long-told jack-o-lantern lit tradition on this spookiest of evenings. That is, until a startling chain of events arises to instill the kind of respect and terror into her that the holiday deserves."

Some pics of the set :

Vids of the set :






Hope you will like it :-)

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
It was better than I expected. It seems well-made and a loving homage to horror movies. I'm a very tough rater, and I gave it a 6 on IMDb.
It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. - John Wooden
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Wow, thanks a lot, means a lot to me Don't forget to put a little like and comment on YouTube it can help ! Thanks again friend!

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
You're behind the times. Since 2009 I've given it a 7.
Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese, 1976)

I've seen Taxi Driver about ten times now, and I still find it to be extremely-flawed, but its pure cinematics have finally won me over enough to raise my rating up to what it is here. For every scene which I find extended or overkill, I'm rewarded with some spectacular visual/aural pyrotechnics, often something as simple as a taxi driving down a neon-lit night-time street set to the jazzy Bernard Herrmann musical score. Robert De Niro's performance is quite incredible even though he remains an enigma. I believe the most-controversial scenes in the film are the entire rescue bloodbath at the end and the way it's perceived by the press and allegedly the filmmakers. Taxi Driver is definitely a film to be seen, and I'm only now after 30 years, begrudgingly allowing myself to come to almost admit that I can "like" or "enjoy" it. One thing's for sure. Compared to all the other vigilante-type flicks which have come along since, Taxi Driver is much more complex and compelling.