RIP Merle Haggard!


That's very sad news. I must admit to a tear or two. His songs were played all the time in our house when we were growing up, my mum and dad loved his music so much. I've still got all their LPs, there must be 30 Merle Haggard ones and I still play them.
He was a fantastic songwriter.
RIP Merle, you brought our family a lot of pleasure and a lot of memories.

He recently predicted that he would die on his birthday, and sadly, he was right.

I've seen him in concert several times, and he was always amazing.


I figured a hyperventilating gbgoodies made this thread.

BTW, you weren't too far off with this. The last time I remember being this upset when someone died was when I heard that George Jones died.

There wasn't a thread for her.

I think that was one of days that I didn't log in until after Midnight. I'm not sure why nobody else started one for her though.

Did anybody know that Patty Duke passed away a few days ago?
Another tragic loss. According to her son, she was in great pain for quite some time so at least her suffering is over. I watched old reruns of her show when I was little.

We're losing a lot of great entertainers this year.

I just looked up Patty Duke as her name was familiar but I couldn't place her. We didn't get the Patty Duke Show in the UK, at least I don;t remember it. I realise who she is now. She seems to have done some great work on mental health issues as well as a lifelong actress and work within the Screen Actors Guild and she's Sean Astin's mum too. I never knew that!