Blu Ray and DVDs - R.I.P?


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No and I do not think they will die anytime soon either. People like to own physical copies of films and this is not going to change anytime soon.

DVD's, Blu-Rays etc. will live on just like books have and will continue to.
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I don't know -- but wanna know what is dead for sure?


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It all comes down to one simple thing: bitrate.

Take a street poll. The word that'll come up most frequently is "convenience".

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Until all bandwith and internet and other issues I don't understand, no.

I use streaming for time-killing. If there is a movie I really want to see, I will go get a hard-copy. No buffering, low-res playback or other issues.

That said, I currently have 3 blurays, 1 of which I bought.

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DVD and BluRay might die off at some point but they'll be replaced by some other form of hardcopy.

No matter how good the internet gets, it will never be as good as having a hardcopy.
Hell, Betamax and VHS are better than the highest quality digital downloads and streaming. I'm on about picture and sound. Especially sound.

As for music, the same. I can tell the difference between a CD and the highest of high quality dpwnloaded/MP3/Streaming music.
Digital/internet sucks ass. The production companies do it simply for convenience, but they all know that a hardcopy is by far superior and always will be, so it's doubtful that movies will go fully onto the net.
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I hope there will always be some form of hard copy available. I love watching movies outdoors on the big screen and streaming to my set up is not an option.

do I really need video and audio entertainment while traveling?

meeting new people is no longer interesting?

for me, at least, I do have fun socializing while traveling.
movies and music will never die as home entertainment

super 8mm, beta, vhs and laserdiscs plus audio cassettes are not dead at my home

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Hell, Betamax and VHS are better than the highest quality digital downloads and streaming. I'm on about picture and sound. Especially sound.

You're not serious are you?

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I still buy DVDs and blue-rays (I make no distinction - I put a DVD in, then the blue-ray of the same movie, watched the same scene and saw no significant difference). I like looking at the packaging; I like that I can proudly display my DVDs; I love the audio commentaries and other special features; I like the option of subtitles (in case there's some dialogue I didn't understand, for example), and I also enjoy pressing one button on my remote and having it play, as opposed to turning on my computer, waiting for it to boot-up, clicking on the browser, going to the site, logging in, selecting the movie, clicking play, hitting full-screen, etc. etc.

Who knows, maybe DVDs and bluerays will experience a comeback in the same way that vinyl records are now.

I feel like Blu Rays are still going strong. Tons of catalog releases coming up and that have been pumped out over the years. Collectors and even average consumers are still getting a high bitrate of 25-30 mbps on a pressed disc as opposed to a hog of a file or a waify one.

These HDTV manufacturers are making televisions that are supposed to be playing HD, high definition. DVD's aren't HD, they are SD, so then take a broadcast supposed hd program or amazon film or even Netflix..they usually spin out 720p, not even 1080p, in my experience. The only way to utilize your HDTV is to play HD material on it. A blu Ray.

I hope they stick around. It's as close to 35mm film quality as we have gotten.

I will say this; people that only want convenience and are fine with watching stored files on a tablet can have at it. I just hope the manufacturers/distributors don't stop releasing physical copies for serious collectors and people who prefer the concrete benefits that dvd's and bd's offer such as supplement material.

I don't need to tote my collection with me, personally. I have the shelf space and don't mind.