CONVOY 2 and other new sequels!


Just came off the phone 20 minutes ago with a friend from one of the studios. It seems that there will be a Convoy 2 when , he's not sure but the same cast will be there. If its the same as the last I think it will be a hit.

More news too:

The Great Escape

it seems that Hoolywood and Pinewood are having a few banters about this film. Will it happen , would it be wrong. In my view the old was great but what could a new one do for us, Well from what I hear several big names are lined up to play in one of the greatest re stories ever told. Check the cast for this one- will let you know more if its concrete but so far 7 big names have agreed!

Jean C van Dame, Vin D,Patrick Stewart,Nick Berry,Robert Hardy, Richard Gere, William Dafoe.

You mean the first Convoy wasn't bad enough?

How could anyone want to sink money into a project like this?

Who would be the potential audience? Fans of the first film maybe, but that's pretty obscure.

If you are wired into the studios, take them the voice of reason (ours) please.

A novel adaptation.
I really can't imagine those 7 big names possibly being in the same movie.

Or maybe I don't want to.
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I think there should be a convoy 2. It would be great to the film with the newer trucks. Anyone think the same

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Why do u not think so

I have been thinking of a Convoy 2 short story I'd like to write
I guess it would be considered fan fiction
It would involve Duck, PigPen, Spider Mike and Black Widow, and Dirty Lyle
Minor characters: Duck's kids in Spokane, Spider Mike's kid(s)
A few ideas:
1) Duck is semi ( get it?? SEMI ) retired and owner or part owner of a truck depot
Either he has to help, feels an obligation for, or is coerced into helping (his silent partner?? ) Dirty Lyle, by making one last run.

2) Duck, a broken man, lost Melissa, his friends, his truck and his home...lives in a beat up old chartreuse micro bus in the back of a junkyard he owns or is just living in

3) A junk dealer and auto enthusiast goes to a vehicle auction and recognizes the
1977 Mack RS-712LST ( Rubber Duck Truck ) and no one bids on it...its in bad shape, the reason for so little interest, but he knows its real value.
He A) gives it or sells it to Duck, or holds it for ransom, in which case Duck and the gang must get it back...maybe the junk dealer is Dirty Lyle...

Just a few ideas...maybe they all can be used together...before he can go on his last run, Duck needs to get his truck back