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Awhile back, I read something about this movie on an upcoming movies site. It's supposed to star Antonio Banderas, and be about a group of people who find the body of Jesus Christ. Does anyone know if this movie will ever be out?

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Don't know, but it sounds cool

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Whoa, sounds really interesting, but I'm sure that it'll stir up one hell of a storm!! Pretty controversial...
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I asked about this on another forum, and this is from a response I got:

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The film features Banderas as a Vatican priest who is sent to Israel after a young archeologist (Olivia Williams) appears to have come upon the remains of Jesus Christ. That discovery would seem to contradict Biblical writing that had Christ ascend to heaven.

The Buzz:
Olivia Williams (The Sixth Sense) is playing a young archaeologist in the Antonio Banderas starring film The Body, which has the potentially volatile premise of her character finding the unfindable… the remains of Jesus Christ. While on location in Israel, real bodies were found on one of the locations which served to aid Williams in her performance.

Williams told Variety columnist Michael Fleming, "I have never been one of those who fancy archaeology in England, where they dig in muddy pits for pottery. I’ve a newfound respect, and I found the spark I needed as an actress to get into character… We picked up a stone and found a skull, which was imprinted on the underside of the stone and was untouched for 2,300 years. To imagine it was 300 years older than the body we deal with in the film is astounding. There were three or four perfume bottles with her, a bronze mirror and earrings. All beautiful."

Antonio Banderas
Olivia Williams
Derek Jacobi
Mohammed Bakri
Yoav Dekelbaum
Jason Flemyng
Makram Khoury
Sami Samir
John Shrapnel
John Wood

Jonas McCord / Director
Jonas McCord / Screenwriter

Post Production

Release Date:
To be dated

Looks like a really really really bad idea.
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