What do you guys think is better: the Godfather part 1 or part 2?


Godfather 1, or Godfather part 2?
14 votes
The Godfather
4 votes
The Godfather part II
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for me, i'll have to go with part 2. i don't know why but i like it way more than the first one

Me too. The best in part 1 is how he endured all they threw at him. I have much more found memories of the second one. De Niro's acting is great ("I love you very much.") and it's nice how it goes back to the future, so to speak.

I would go with part 1. There are some great scenes in part 2 (especially the Robert De Niro's scenes) but part 1 is definitely my favorite.

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I like the entry of Michael Corleone, probably for meit is important. that's the reason I like the first part.

Truly Godfathers I & II is the best movie/sequel combo in the history of cinema. Theyre equally good, but if I had to pick Id go with the first one.

I just liked the energy from the performers more in part 1 overall, especially James Caan and Marlon Brando. This was certainly missed when watching the sequel. Comparatively Part II came off as depressing.

This is a hard question, because they are both phenomenal and amazing. I'd have to go with the first Godfather, simply because I liked the character development more.

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Man, I go back and forth on this SO many times. I've seen both recently and I just can't pick. At first I felt the sequel was better than re-watching the original, there's something beautiful about the smaller scale (in comparison to GF 2) and more concise story and the romance for MC actual feels real and altogether tragic. Not to mention Brando's brief but royal presence.

Then again, it's great seeing Vito build his empire and it's also fun seeing De Niro at a time when he actually gave a damn about his performances.
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defently part 2

I prefer the first, because of the way we see Michael Corleone change over the course of the film. It's Al Pacino's greatest acting triumph, as incredible as he is in the second one.

Toss up for me. I will go with 2. Coz after reading the book, part 1 just felt a little disappointing.
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