Heat (1995)

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Who else can really say they enjoyed this movie?

i give it a perfect rating Robert De Niro is at his best! not to mention val kilmer, al pacino, and tom sizemore

it's my fav. michael mann film so far...and what really bugs me is that it's highly under rated :/

What do you think of it?

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Didn't see it.
I liked Manhunter better (Michael Mann movie). It was good, but not that memorable to me. I wouldn't buy it.
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The thing about Heat that I didn't like was that so many people hyped the fact that it was DeNiro and Pacino's first movie together. Yet they are barely in the movie together at all, and the scene they are together in is nothing special.

Other than that, though, I tought the movie was enjoyable enough. I'd have to see it again, though, to be sure. I've only seen it once, and I don't remember it all that well.

I loved this movie--it's one of my favorites probably. I think Al Pacino does an outstanding job in this film. It's such a slow movie, but that's kinda the point I think. There's so much going on, and it really gives a new dimension to action films.
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I was just about to jump in and say "Hey, didn't they star together in one of the Godfather movies?" but when I thought a bit better they weren't in any scenes together (in the second one)! Haven't actually seen the movie, is it reccomendable?
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i thought heat was a brilliant film, definitely one of my favourites.

Couldnt agree more Derrick: Heat (9/10) is one of the best crime sagas ever made, showing both sides of the coin in a human & realistic manner. Allowing both good/bad charecters to evolve into the thrilling conclusion. Showing faults & strengths as well as the domino effects of both the crimes committed & those trying to stop them.

From Micheal Manns expert direction & Style to the faultless score that accompanies every beat of the action perfectly.

The film builds brilliantly to the scene in the Diner where De Niro & Pacino meet just once, once is all they need to say what they have to say.

These men are not playing games & this is a story of proffesionals & sometimes being proffesional takes a little more time & can be tedious as opposed to being a loose cannon (Wayne Grow)

Anyway top film, The Bank Roobbery is one of the most violently realistic scenes ever to be brought to the screen.
Val Kilmer & M60 & A Bag full of Ammo shooting it out in all directions with the cops, What more do you want?

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i think this is by far my favourite Mann film, and the meeting between De Niro and Pachino is a great exchange of the two's talent. definatly an underated film

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It was underrated but it did move too slowly for its own good and there were a lot of unnecessary things all piled in, I suspect because Michael Mann wanted to make another Godfather (eg, we didn't really need to hear all about Breedan's sorry plight). It was quite good though, I have to say.

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I didn't think it was too slow. All the scenes were essential to the story. The interaction between Pacino and DeNiro, may have not been lengthy, but it was good stuff! The ending was so tense. Really, really a great film.

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A great movie I thought. The best cops and robbers shoot out I've ever seen. I didn't like the ending though. They should have let him get away so they could make a sequel.

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They'd call it Re-Heat.

This was the first dvd that I ever bought.

I can remember seeing this film in the theaters back when it came out and I was blown away. It really got me into appreciating a directors style, and the cinematography.

All the elements in this film make it one of my favorites.


I couldn't believe someone said the scene with DeNiro and Pacino in the diner was nothing special. I thought it was the best part of the whole movie... Sheesh.
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I liked the movie alot. The action is great, gritty and real. Its not cheap action where thousands of bullets fly and amazingly no one gets hit.

However just a minor correction, they had either M16s or M4s (forget which - very similary), not M60s. M60s are often referred to as saws. They don't take clips but ammo belts (or a box thereof) and are also pretty heavy to hold and run around with so while they can be shot from the shoulder and with accuracy they're usually propped on something. Also you have to change the barrel after about a minute or it'll start to melt. I was in ROTC.




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I just got done watching Heat for the second time.

I can't believe that movie is already 7 yrs old. I wanted to see it again to get a better feel for it.

I think it is a very fine film. Plenty of action, including that groundbreaking shootout in the LA streets, which has yet to be equaled. Plenty of suspense leading up to each action sequence.
Plenty of enjoyable characters. Great actors, writing and dialogue. The movie does a very admirable job of creating intense, dramatic sub-plots with its characters' personal lives. Very ambitious.

The ending is unexpectedly poignant and sums up the unusually similar lives between bad guy/good guy.

It is a decent film. I am surprised I don't see it on anyone's top ten list. If it is, then I am surprised I don't see it on more top ten lists.

I doubt it will ever make my top ten list, but I do like it a lot. I was kind of hoping that the roles in the ending would be the opposite of what they were, but it was still a good ending. I like how they touched on the "Fu**ed for life" idea with the speech by Mykelti Williamson, and the ex-con who has an opressive boss. I wish they had left out the Natalie Portman subplot. The only thing it did for me was make me not totally hate Diane Venora's character.
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Heat is definitely one of my favorite movies, but I'm not sure it creeps into the Top 10. The shootout scene definitely ranks with the best. One complaint I hear is that it was a little too long, though it didn't seem bad to me... any movie with kicka$$ shootouts featuring Pacino and DeNiro has to be good in my book!

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Top scene is when De Niro and Pacino meet in the restaurant. Michael Corleone and young Don Vito Corleone meeting face to face. I got chills. And the dialogue didn't mess it up.

Heat isn't on many top 10 lists because like most Mann movies it tries too hard and is over ambitious. Did we need all the sub-plots with Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore and others? And 3 hours for a standard cops and robbers movie, albeit with a twist, is way too long.

Who do you guys think won in the acting battle between the two heavyweights?

It's gotta be De Niro for me. Cold and sad. He never looks comfortable in romantic situations but his chemistry with that young actress (forget her name) was just fine.

Pacino, like he's been doing for most of the last 10 years, just shouts a lot. I loved listening to Copolla's commentary on the Godfather where he said that Al loves to shout so as to jolt the audience into paying attention. We'd pay attention now Al if you'd stop shouting for just a fraction of a second. He's gone crazy. Will he ever reach the heights of Dog Day Afternoon again?
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Good point Val. I have to agree and give the nod to Bobby D. He's been my favorite actor since I was a kid (well, old enough to start watching his movies, LOL) and I have a hard time voting against him. Pacino is definitely up there with my favorites, but I can only take so much shouting, though he has a kickass voice for it!