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Book Recommendation:Film aesthetics introductory book


I am new to film but I am interested in the aesthetics like, "The look" that the film maker is trying to give it. For instance, the colors used, costume design, how the buildings will look.

Any suggestions

Not too sure what you're asking. Are you asking for video recommendations which explain what effects films use to showcase their setting? Or films which are good examples of effective costume/prop design?

Edit: Thread title changed asking for book recommendation.

I don't have an answer for you because I can't remember the text books we had back then, but take a look at some film studies courses and see/ask what text books they've been asked to read. Once you have a few titles it might be worth taking a look at some reviews and seeing what people thought about how helpful/easy to understand it was.
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This is the first thing that came up, essential film studies books -

No idea if any of them are good. A member here Skepsis93 is studying film so maybe send him a PM, as he isn't on here much anymore.