My Favorite Musical Moments from Non-Musical Films


I've done a couple of threads highlighting some of my favorite musical numbers from musicals but non-musical films have some memorable moments too...these are some of my favorite musical moments from non-musical films:


"Men in Tights" from Robin Hood: Men in Tights

The title number from this Mel Brooks comedy was definitely one of the film's highlights.


"You Don't Own Me" from The First Wives Club

The unexpected musical finale to this 1996 comedy was one of the film's most pleasant surprises.


"Can't Take My Eyes off of You" from The Deer Hunter

A bunch of guys salute Frankie Valli in one of my favorite scenes from the Oscar winning Best Picture of 1978.


"Johnny B. Goode" from Back to the Future

Michael J. Fox nails this musical moment that goes horribly wrong at the end from the 1985 classic.


"Sunshine Day", The Brady Bunch Movie

Director Betty Thomas took an original song from the TV series and put it in a completely new setting for the 1995 movie spoof.


Happy Houseboat, What a Way to Go!

This elaborate musical fantasy starred Shirley MacLaine and her character's 4th husband, played by Gene Kelly. If you look very carefully, one of the dancers in this scene is a very young Teri Garr.


"You Make My Dreams Come True", 500 Days of Summer

Didn't like this movie as much as most people, but I loved this off-the-cuff dance scene.


"Time to Change, A Very Brady Sequel

The Brady kids decide to go shopping with a shady con man (Tim Matheson) who they think is the first husband of Carol Brady (Shelley Long) and their trip to the mall is set to another classic song from the series.