businessman love story



I do not remember the title. A big businessman who has a lot of money and projects want to remove an old cultural building to make a new project, maybe new center or tower. The girl is a lawyer who wants to defend the old building because it is very important culture. Her parents are lawyers too. She tries to meet him, to ask him to keep the old building. In this moment, he offers to her to work with him. She doesn’t want to work with him because he is an asshol capitalist. BUT, she accepts that in order to change his mind. I remember a scene when he was getting out from a big hotel and she was fowling him and she asked him where he live and he answered her here in the hotel. She was surprised and she ask him why do you live in a hotel. He answers her I am the owner of this hotel.

Thanks to help me

Sory, but it is not. The man is an american handsome actor. he has hair he is blond. i don't remember his name

That's it . Thank you sooo much.