Possible goof in The Martian?


In this scene after Watney striped Ares IV and is covering its top with a canvas , a blurred black hand comes up at the bottom of the screen , followed by its arm .
I noticed this as I was watching the movie , found it very strange and opened the movie with Pinnacle Studio to analyze with more precision : It starts @ 01:49:47.08 and finishes @ 01:49:47.14 .
Has someone else noticed this ? Is this a goof ?

ps .: I captured such scene in slow motion and posted on youtube but the damn rule of 25 posts prevented me to show the link here

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It's an alien.

He becomes possessed by the alien life form soon after, but it is never shown. So when he is saved, the alien life form makes it back to earth for future world domination.

How didn't you get that?
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