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So I just read about Sony's Playstation TV, I wonder is there a definitive list of streaming devices to make sure you have maximum access to content.

These are the ones I have found:
Top Devices:
Apple TV
Google TV

Best of the Rest:
Asus O!Play
Netgear NEOTV
Vizio Co-Star
LG Smart TV Upgrader
Samsung Smart Hub
NBlox Player
D-Link Movie Night
Sony SMP
TIVO Stream

Which of these are the best?

Also I found out about MAG-250 boxes which are used to stream international TV out side of their broadcast territories.

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The PlayStation Vue is out now. Has anyone converted over yet? I am tempted to see how much I could cut off my cable bill.

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They offer a 5-day trial. You need to create a PlayStation Network Account (PSN) if you don't already have one from using any of their game systems. You are required to add you billing info up front so make sure you have your device and app installed and that it works before starting the trial.

You can also find their channel line up and tiered services on their "PlayStation Vue" site.

I got the Amazon Fire box for the mom over the holidays. Decent device but buggy. First it did not like the HDMI cable. Replacing it fixed one issue. Another was I could not get anything to stream from Netflix. Not sure if inet or device issue. Seemed pretty common on the support forums. Ran a bios update and all seemed fine.

The PlayStation Vue app itself covers all that I'm interested in so I would be fine with it. You can add premium channels as well.

Some double up PS Vue with Hulu for stations Vue doesn't provide.

Just make sure your device supports Vue to download.

Aside from issues with the Amazon Fire (all fixed now but that was frustrating...and I'm a total tech geek!), the only thing weird about Vue is the interface. All menus are side-scrolling and contextual. So channel surfing kind of sucks as it's hard to break you understanding of surfing up/down or typing channel numbers to jump around. Vue has you goto the menu screen, scroll down to your contextual side-scroll menu list, then scroll to the station and apply.

Vue allows you to create a top list of favorites channels and a fav list of shows, so that cuts down on clicking around. It also has a more traditional looking TV Guide style channel/show/time grid that pretty standard on most digital cable subs. So that helps transition, but its not a default view option. You still need to access it in a menu.

While surfing is completely turned upside down, it is nice to see progress bars for how much of the show has already played.

You MAY be able to watch it from the beginning but I can't confirm that as I didn't have time to play much with it before leaving. That might be a sub upgrade too as I would imagine you would have to have some cloud storage space for a feature like that. Really no idea. I'm only guessing on the last bit.

I wish they had a few more channels but all in all not bad. Keep an eye out for Sony news as their contracts change and will affect line up.

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I watched that one superhero show of theirs....pretty bad.
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