Ava Gardner


Real name Lucy Johnson. she used to do gymnastics as a kid. Born 24 Dec '10 or around Nicknamed 'the most beautiful animal in the world'. They're showing The Barefoot Contessa on TV, where her beauty is out of reach, almost an obstacle. Still, i haven't seen it. Worth watching? the Night of the iguana? both by huston, i think. The Bible: In the begining, where she playes the sterile Sarah, Huston. The Life and times of Judge roy bean, Newman, huston. What is it with her and huston? Why did they collaborate so much?
I've seen The snows of Kilimangaro as a kid and didn't get anything. mogambo

Ava Gardner was a real beauty queen and she won many awards trough out her acting courier....

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Real name Lucy Johnson.
Where did you hear that? Her real name is Ava Gardner.

Have never understood the appeal of Ava Gardner, as a beauty or an actress, but that's just me.
My personal opinion is that I think she is the most attractive woman to ever appear on film. I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to her. No! One better. I even drove all the way to Smithfield, NC just to go to her museum and visit her grave.
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Where did you hear that? Her real name is Ava Gardner.
Sorry. My bad. I think I read it in a Yugoslav movie encyclopedia, with all its faults. Like, for decades I thought Kubrick was born 16 July (in fact 26) and Lucas 14 June (infact 14 May).