The Man from Hong Kong (1975) an oddball offspring of a collaboration between an Australian studio and the Hong Kong Kung Fu film factory Run Run Shaw, This one had the participation of George (On Her Majestyís Secret Service) Lazenby. Thatís right - The name is Lazenby. GEORGE Lazenby!

We also get Jimmy Wang-Yu for the martial arts scenes, because by 1975, Bruce Lee had Lef-Yu. Jimmy's kind of the beta-male Bruce.

Thereís some cool hang-gliding and shots of Hong Kong, and Jimmy gets to make love (in a tame scene) to a character played by Caucasian actress Rosalind Speirs - pretty smooth operator for an Asian male star in the mid-70ís!

Should you watch this one? Well - youíre not going to be much of a Ď70ís film geek if you pass it up, and some scenes are pretty okey dokey. And - like I always say - watching the WORST movie in the world is WAY BETTER than digging the BEST ditch in the world! Just be sure you watch in air-conditioned comfort!