How do you organize your blu rays or dvds?


im trying to find a way to organize mine, i have done them alphabetically and by genre. curre ntly i have them in alphabetically again. but i want to get ideas so how do you organize yours?

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Organize? I tried that, but it didn't work.

I started out by separating the DVDs by genre, and then putting them on the shelves in alphabetical order for each genre.

But as I bought new DVDs, my system changed to something like "Oh look. There's room on that shelf".

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I alphabetize everything of mine (that also includes music and books - which I also separate by genre).

I don't own enough blu-rays to worry about separating them from the DVD's. So, if I have the same movie, I will have the DVD first on the shelf, followed by the blu-ray.

Unlike my books and music, though, I don't separate my movies by genre. I just put them in alphabetical order. But I do have a lot of movies on VHS still. I keep those separate from the DVD's. And, yes, they are alphabetized, also.

And, yes, I keep a list of what I own, too.
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Mine's rather disorganized. My main collection is arranged alphabetically, but I have separate sections for animation (arranged alphabetically with blu rays and DVDs mixed together), television, foreign language, certain comedies (things like Superbad, Bridesmaids, etc), and horror comedies. I also have a DVD binder for some of the movies that I either don't like or rarely watch.

ETA: Forgot, my live action blurays are stacked next to my bluray player. I've started the process of replacing many of my animated DVDs with bluray, but with live action movies I just buy one or the other. Except Gladiator. I have it on both formats.

I'd really love to be able to just alphabetize everything and leave only separate sections for animation and TV but space is too limited, so everything is spread out over several rooms.

Genre then alphabetically. Like Blockbuster Video back in the day.
I tried that once, but it was too confusing with all the movies that are of multiple genres.

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I didn't. after watching them i hand over them to someone else to watch.

By genre is probably the best way to go although I have been tempted to re-organise my collection alphabetically. I have 1400 now and had to get shelves built pacifically for my collection. Over a quarter of my DVDs our now in Blu-ray

In any old order going by titles but I do have my blu-rays in sections: steelbooks, slipcovers, digibooks/special packaging, Criterions, thin blu-ray amaray cases, thick blu-ray amaray cases and so on.

Same for the DVDs.
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im trying to find a way to organize mine, i have done them alphabetically and by genre. curre ntly i have them in alphabetically again. but i want to get ideas so how do you organize yours?
I appreciate this won't appeal to everyone but this is what I've done in recent years. I've either sold or thrown all the cases (the Blu-ray ones especially are so flimsy as to be quite useless) and I now keep everything in a 200-CD case. The sleeves and inlays I keep in a metal filing box. If you don't mind dispensing with the cases it's a brilliant way of preventing space being taken up.

I arrange loosely by genre and try to group directors within those genres. For example all my Corbucci films are at the Euro end of my western section; my Woody Allen films are in the comedy section; my Lumet and Friedkin films in the crime section, and all of my Cronenberg films in the sci-fi/horror section. This doesn't always work for obvious reasons, but makes more sense to me than arranging alphabetically or at random. I make concessions where just a couple of films I own by a director don't fit the genre and group them anyway (Crash and A History of Violence with Cronenberg for example), or just split them completely for other directors. My Peckinpah films are divided between western and crime even though you could argue Straw Dogs as horror (I don't own the excellent Cross of Iron sadly). I also have sub-genres within sub-genres like Japanese Chanbara and Pinky stuff next to martial arts, whereas Blaxploitation and Women's Prison flicks are in the general exploitation area. If a particular star has made a few films within a single genre (Sonny Chiba and Bruce Lee for example) their films also get grouped. Elsewhere Mario Bava's ecclectic output is in my Italian horror section even though stuff like Kidnapped aka Rabid Dogs is more of a crime movie and Danger: Diabolik is a super hero type fumetti adaptation. So it's all over the place really, but I like to think there's method in the madness.

Organized? I guess it's organized by what I have watched most recently, which is upper left on the rack. It may sound dumb, but, all I have to do to find something I have not seen in a while is to go to lower right.

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This may seem a bit unorthodox.

I organize by director, and then I organize the directors by how early or late the movie is in his/her filmography(there's an exception for trilogies/multiple films from the same series). Then similarity in genre between the directors movies. But if I only own one film out of a directors filmography, I'll put the Blu ray next to the closest thing in genre, like Ghostbusters next to the BTTF trilogy. For example, I'll put all my Bob Zemeckis movies right next to my Steven Spielberg collection and have those reasonably close to my Richard Donner movies, far away from any Fincher films.

Also, 99% of my collection is Blu ray. I can't stand the quality of DVDs.