Movies about Unjust Punishment or Lots of Lonliness


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2 movies I like deal with this a lot:

Count of Monte Christo and Shawshank Redemption. The movies don't have to have a prison scene, I guess its just prison seems to have those 2 topics.

Any other good movies that deal primarily with Unjust Punishment or lots of Lonliness?

(besides Castaway)


Master of My Domain
- The Conversation
- Repulsion
- Solaris
- Paris, Texas
- Naked

Gravity is the most modern one I can think of... but the others recommended above ^^ are all great choices.

Also, try Sunshine (2007), not quite what you're after but close.
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Master of My Domain
If I ever meet Spike Lee I'm gonna smash his head with the Oldboy hammer.

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Midnight Express
It's the best prison movie.
Taxi Driver for loneliness

In the Name of the Father for the unjust imprisonment.
And I highly recommend both of these.
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The Hurricane - unjust imprisonment
Lost in Translation - lonliness/isolation
Moon - lonliness/isolation (im sure a lot of space movies, or stranded at sea movies)
The Green Mile - unjust imprisonment
Double Jeopordy

Human Centipede 3 is about the unjust punishment of many prisoners. It's not as good as the first, but I think it's better than the second.