Acid jazz vs smooth jazz vs comtemporary jazz


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Any jazz fans like Cobpyth able to inform me about the differences?

I like contemporary saxophone-heavy jazz like this, but never known enough about the genre to understand the differences since "Jazz" is an extremely broad genre - almost like "rock" (which can mean anything from The Beatles to Slayer).

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I love jazz, but I'm by no means an expert. I was starting out from Smooth Jazz. This sub-genre always gives me an image of a nice, well-decorated bar with sophisticated people drinking wine and a private detective embedded in a murder case, trying to clean himself. He has no time for that, but he stays in the bar nevertheless. He gazes at the people and listens to this chilling music. Smooth-jazz is chilling and easy to listen.

Then there is Spiritual Jazz. Like Alice Coltrane's Journey to Satchindananda. It sounds, just like the name suggests, spiritually. There's a strong sense of transcendentality to it and also something sacred.

There's vocal jazz as well, since dames like to sing to jazzy tunes. Helen Merrill is one of my favourites.

Ryo Fukui's Scenery is one of my favourite jazz albums, too.

Then there's Rollins, Hancock, Davies, Coltrane, Brubeck, Mingus, Shorter and many other geniuses, but I'm too lazy to write about them. They experimented with a lot of genres.

Bohren & Club of Gore does Dark Jazz. Now that's the kind of music that does it for me. It really brings incredible images to my head. Sunset Mission is one of my favourite albums ever and an ideal soundtrack to the best noir film never made.

I find jazz the easiest genre to dream to.

PS: Slayer isn't Rock. It's Thrash Metal.
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