Hello! My name is Scott A. Brewer I am the Creator and Director of Garrison 7 and CEO of Gena8 Studios.
I would like to introduce to you our new up-coming film of 2016.

Garrison 7 will be Australia’s first film franchise that is 100% independently funded through sponsorships and personal funds.

WHO ARE GENA8 STUDIOS? Gena8 Studios team collectively have over 70 years experience in the motion picture industry. We have worked on productions such as ‘Marvel Avengers, Star Wars, The Matrix, Hellboy, Warhammer, LOTR Hobbit Films and Superman Returns, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Hugh Jackman’s The Wolverine Films’.

WHAT IS GARRISON 7? Garrison 7 is a dramatic western stylized action sci-fi adventure franchise, created as an interactive feature film crossover TV / web series with gaming and multi-platform applications. The G7 universe parallels and explores today’s social, economic and cultural differences, it will show how awareness can bring about change using a science fiction paradigm.

We've got some incredible Hollywood actors onboard including, Mark Dacascos: Hawaii Five-O, Casper Van Dien: Starship Troopers, Marjean Holden: Mortal Kombat and Hector Bustamante: 24 and NCIS LA, as well as surprise international cameo appearances from both Australian and International actors.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And hopefully we can gain your support in helping us grow the G7 Universe.

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Facebook: Garrison7 (Official website & Teaser Trailer included)

Twitter: @G7_Universe | Pinterest: /g7universe | Instagram: G7Universe